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In today's fast paced society, Online Marketing is vital to the success of your business. Consumers want up to date, relevant, and engaging information about who they are going to do business with. Driving potential customers to your website, or your location, takes a well crafted strategy to maintain your budget, while maximizing your ROI. Our Online Marketing Packages will include the tools needed to help customers find you, notice you, and get the attention you deserve. Our creative team will tailor a perfect mix of services to get you leads, nurture your current customers, and establish long-term engagement. We are determined to work hard to earn our clients' loyalty every day, and we are focused on helping you grow your business. Don't let the reality of your advertising message not being found get you down! We are here to help you succeed.

Social Media Marketing


Social media is one of the best ways to reach current or potential clients, improve website traffic, and manage your online reputation. Yet, with new social networking platforms appearing regularly it can be hard to know exactly where to commit your time and resources. Just having a Facebook page is simply not enough these days for most businesses. Where, and when, to put your message is just as important as the content of the message itself. Let Puzzled Marketing tailor the content and distribution of your message across the appropriate platforms to boost your ROI.




It is widely known that most consumers don't make it past the first page of search engine results, so where do you rank? If you are not easily found, you could be losing sales. Ranking on the first page of an internet search is tricky, just cramming your website with keywords or links doesn't work anymore. Our SEO team is skilled at creating SEO campaigns that over time will help you rank higher than your competition, and increase your visibility and leads. 

Local Optimization


Making certain that your business is listed on the web, outside of your website, is critical. Whether a customer searches specifically for your company, or a business that provides a particular goods and services nearby them, information is key. Maps of your location, operating hours, and driving directions are just a few of the things we focus on across multiple sites to make certain your business comes across correct to potential customers so they find you.


Email marketing is a fast and effective way to send a highly targeted message to your customers and prospects. Frequent contact with your clients is key to growing your company and maintaining strong relationships. Whether sending newsletters or product introductions, our team will create the perfect message to promote your brand or product. 

Email Marketing


We write killer blogs. Need we say more?

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